10 x 10 London Charity Art Auction, £100,000 raised

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Article 25– charity for Development and Disaster Relief- host a drawing event annually with 100 architects and artists each allocated a 100m square plot to inspire them.
This year the plots were centred on The Shard. I had an area whose dominant feature was Trinity Church Square- an area so well conserved that it is used for period film sets. There is an 1820’s church in the centre of the square, Southwark Holy Trinity, now a rehearsal space for musicians called  Henry Wood Hall. And there is a powerful statue of Alfred the Great
However the degree of preservation felt spooky and monochrome. I reflected on how conservation ideals favour retaining brickwork, yet painted terraces are extremely popular. To test my point I have digitally set up a collage of the terraces, in a primitivist style layout, to see how they would look …. rather more joyful!
The Auction was run online culminating with a live event at the Shard on Thursday 27th November. Further prints are available- Email us
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