The Leaf Cabin

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The Leaf cabin; independent accommodation that blends into your garden with minimal impact

The Leaf is a cabin that can have a shower and WC, a kitchen and a sleeping shelf, it can also function off grid!

For home office/studio, guest sleepovers, weekend holiday pod, and cluster developments for Glamping

We have developed this design with two sizes to suit varying planning constraints, a smaller 10m2 Ash Leaf cabin and a larger 15m2 Beech Leaf Cabin. Different sizes and fit-outs are available.
The dominant feature of The Leaf cabin is the tilted leaf shaped roof which offers its face towards the sun and hovers above the shingle clad cabin walls, that evoke the slope of tree trunks.
It would be suitably located on the southern edge of woodland, or in a sunny clearing in a large garden. For group developments several can be naturalistically arranged like a cluster of leaves on a branch.
The ‘stalk’ at the end provides support for shading over an integrated external table and bench.
The walls taper outwards in order to support the largest roof area practicable and to provide more usable space.
The roof has an iridescent solar PV covering and a round rooflight evoking a dew drop. It oversails the sides to protect them and to emphasise the hovering quality of its leaf shape. This surface photosynthesises, in that it has integrated photovoltaic cells that produce electricity from the suns rays to power the cabin .
The Leaf can be just one room, usable as a studio or office, or it can include a wetroom with WC and kitchenette, and a sleeping platform. The main room has a window for daylight and view. Bespoke furniture can be included for seating and table arrangement and storage if required. The triangular sleeping platform or mezzanine is above standing height, reached via a removable stair, and the rooflight allows for stargazing and ventilation.
A folding double door provides access to the cabin and opens onto a kitchen area, providing ventilation and space for fair weather cooking. This mini kitchen accommodates all necessary appliances and wall storage cupboards.
PV supplies off-grid electricity for lighting and small power, and the WC is an Ecotoilet which requires no mains plumbing.
The cabin can sleep up to four, two up and two down, and internal or external dining at the shaded table.
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OSB sheathed structural insulated panels are used for the construction of The Leaf, so it is highly insulated, inherently airtight and has integrated service zones. The OSB walls and floor can be stained for a minimal naturalistic finish (see our Pinterest board!). Glass wall panels are used to protect wet areas, and externally the walls are overclad in cedar shingles.
The wetroom and living room windows are openable to provide purge ventilation and a through wall ventilator is included to the wetroom.

We have teamed up with manufacturer for the fabrication and supply of the Leaf Cabins, from £28k to £50k depending on sizes and inclusions. Please contact us for specific design queries and supply details IMAGOarchitects.

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